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The biography
of Áine McGrath
Deputy Musicians

Áine McGrath

Deputy Fiddle

Profile for Áine McGrath

Áine McGrath is a renowned fiddle player from Naas, Kildare, resident in County Clare where she lives with her husband Francis, of the famous Droney concertina-playing family and their children. She was the winner of the 1993 All-Ireland fiddle championship at the Fleadh Cheoil, the most prestigious award in Irish fiddle music.

She regularly performs as a member of the Droney family, and played many times with her late father-in-law Chris Droney, including at the TG4 Gradam Ceoil Awards, when Chris was honoured.

As well as having a firm grounding in the Irish fiddle tradition, Áine was classically trained as a violinist.

She first performed with the Irish Memory Orchestra as an Apprentice in 2013, after which she was appointed deputy fiddle. She has performed with the IMO many times since.

Profile for Áine McGrath